AmeriFlex Group® currently has over 100 financial advisors in 14 states, managing $6.5 billion in client assets

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Innovative programs such as SuccessionFlex™ and AmeriFlex Premier+ support the sustained growth of the advisor-owned hybrid RIA since its inception. July 2019

Las Vegas, June 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AmeriFlex Group®, a fast-growing advisor-owned hybrid RIA that puts financial planning first, today announced that it now has over 100 financial advisors and oversight . $6.5 billion Included in client assets in 14 states. Over 75% of these advisors are stockholders of his RIA company.

AmeriFlex Group® Founder and CEO Thomas Goodson“During a period of major consolidation, we are launching a wealth management firm aimed at enabling financial advisors to put their plans first and deliver innovative services to support them at every stage of their careers. Since our founding in 2019, our focus on the needs of our advisors has been key to our success.”

In 2021, the company launched the SuccessionFlex™ program. This is a program that allows advisors to approve succession and continuity agreements that include options to sell 30% to 40% of current revenue streams to AmeriFlex Group® without minority interests prior to retirement. discount. The ownership of the shares will not change upon signing and the only requirement is that the advisor remain affiliated with his AmeriFlex. Advisor may agree to sell to AmeriFlex Group® or another affiliate partner of his Advisor.

Through this program, AmeriFlex Group® has 12 advisors, $9.37 million with payment.

Earlier this year, the company launched the AmeriFlex Premier+ platform, a proprietary high-tech financial planning solution that enables advisors to deliver an enhanced service experience, helping clients envision the outcome of their planning goals and providing more information. lead to financial decisions based on The platform’s new automated solution generates questions and scenarios for clients to discuss with their advisors major life changes and how they affect their financial situation.

“Programs such as SuccessionFlex™, AmeriFlex Premier+, and advisor-owned RIA options set us apart from other top-tier hybrid RIAs across the country,” continued Goodson. “Offering this kind of innovative program along with best-in-class practice management, succession planning and acquisition consulting support has made AmeriFlex Group® the right choice for established advisors to build long-term practices. We believe that the choice to be will be made clear, and they are considering the next phase of their personal and professional lives.”

About AmeriFlex Group:
AmeriFlex Group® is a recognized Hybrids® site ( – BD/RIA Transitional Wealth Planners™ (Financial Advisors). The RIA is owned and operated by Advisor Members and Partners.Securities offered through SagePoint Financial, Inc. (SPF), Member of FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are provided through The AmeriFlex® Group, an independent registered investment advisor. SPF is separately owned and independent of any other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced herein. SPF.Insurance is provided independently SPF. 8475 W Sunset Road, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89113

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