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Universal is deeply involved in Steven Spielberg’s business, and the films he makes will carry even more weight.

Universal and Spielberg-directed Amblin Partners have entered into a new deal based on a multi-year deal. • Pictures will provide a portion of the film. Support Amblin Partners films produced under this deal.

Amblin will continue to make other films with rival studios, including 20th-century West Side Story and Warner Bros. Ready Player One, but Universal will be first in all of Amblin’s theatrical projects. You will have look status.

According to the press release announcing the partnership, the idea is to give the company “more creative and financial flexibility.” This will open up more opportunities for adult-oriented projects like ‘Green Book’ and ‘1917’ released by Universal, which Amblin Partners does best, and reduce the financial risk that Amblin itself must bear. should mean that According to one source, this is a move away from the old model where Universal would charge just to distribute Amblin Partners titles, and the new model would be a typical first look and closer to the overall deal. It is said that

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So while Universal now bears more of the burden, it is also in a position to share more of the reward if something happens. Despite the fact that Amblin’s last two films under Universal Pictures, Spielberg’s own The Fabermans and Easter Sunday starring Joe Coy, both struggled at the box office (4,600 each worldwide). million, $13 million worldwide), which is good news for both sides. The former was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.

The new deal also means some job cuts at Amblin Partners and other contracts not renewed, but Universal intends to acquire Amblin, as rumored, the person said. explains that there is no What’s more, nothing has changed within Amblin Television, and the deal with Netflix hasn’t changed, giving Spielberg the same autonomy he’s had for years to make the movies he wants where he wants. would maintain

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“Universal is the home of my ancestral studio, and the next chapter of our longstanding partnership will provide Amblin with creative flexibility and autonomy,” said Spielberg, Amblin chairman, in a statement. I am confident that we can succeed together in the future.” “I am eternally grateful to the entire Amblin team for their work and dedication over the years, and to everyone at Donna and Universal for their dedication and partnership. We all look forward to our next adventure together.” I have.”

The news of the enhanced partnership also follows the promotion of NBCUni Chairman and Chief Content Officer Donna Langley to a new role to oversee both film and television for the company, with the aim of connecting with talent. It’s about bringing some of the relationships and franchising ideas to NBCUni. small screen.

“We are thrilled to evolve our partnership with Stephen and solidify our creative legacy that has produced many iconic Universal films over the past half century,” said Langley. said. “Steven and Amblin’s team have been great partners and we look forward to the next chapter.”

Universal and Amblin Partners will release the horror film Demeter’s Last Voyage on August 11th. And Amblin and Universal’s next project is a sci-fi comedy starring Anthony Ramos and directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, due out in 2024. Amblin also has a film directed by Jaume Collet coming to Netflix. Sera named it “Carry On,” which has no release date yet.

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