Afghanistan: Infectious Disease Outbreak – Epidemiological Week #18 2023 (30 April to 6 May) Situation Report #18 – Afghanistan

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New outbreak of CCHF (April-May 2023)

• Last week, 17 new CCHF cases (10 males, 7 females, all aged 5 years or older) were reported from Nimroz province. Kandahar (7), Helmand (7), Zabul (2), (1), no new CCHF-related deaths reported.

• No new cases have been detected in private hospitals since 30 April 2023.

• Of the 25 samples tested at CPHL, 5 (20%) were positive by PCR test at the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL).

• From January 2022 to May 2023, a total of 466 suspected cases of CCHF were reported from 26 states, of which 330 (70.8%) were male and all were 5 years of age or older. Of the total number of reported cases, 120 (25.8%) were laboratory confirmed using PCR. A total of 23 CCHF-related deaths have also been reported from 10 provinces, 9 of which are 5 provinces in the northern region: Balkh (4), Samangan (1), Jojan (1) and Faryab (1). , occurred in Takar (2 people).

Response to Current CCHF Outbreak in Kandahar Province

The following interdisciplinary outbreak response is in place:

• Coordination meetings were held with the Ministry of Health, PPHD and relevant stakeholders at the national and local levels.

• An epidemiological investigation team has been assigned to visit the outbreak-affected areas of Kandahar province. The team consisted of a WHO epidemiologist, a key figure in the Ministry of Health Surveillance Department, and his IPC consultant.

• WHO has provided 1 PCR kit (96 tests) and 1 ELISA kit (96 tests) for diagnosis of CCHF to the Kandahar Regional Reference Laboratory (RRL).

• In the Southern Region, a case management training workshop was held with 69 health care workers (12 physicians and 57 nurses) trained in CCHF case management.

• Last week, 40 boxes of ribavirin (84 200 mg capsules/box) and 440 vials of ceftriaxone 250 mg/vial were supplied to the Kandahar branch to support the case management response.

• Technical support was provided to laboratory staff regarding CCHF sample processing.

• SOPs on sample collection testing procedures and types of testing to be performed were shared with Kandahar RRL staff.

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