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With over 20 years in financial services, Katrina Lessard has participated in industry coaching and training. But she’s nothing close to what she experienced in her The Elite Advisor program by industry veteran Erin Botsford.

“I’ve never seen results like what I’ve seen in her class.

After learning that through her partnership with LPL Financial, Lessard launched a six-month online training course in December that promises “everything you need to build your dream business.” I signed up for She had recently lost her mother and she wanted to make sure her father was financially secure. As such, it has been her focus to work harder and smarter to achieve her growth.

“I wanted to grow my business. I wanted to be a better advisor, which she seemed to be able to do for me,” Lessard said of Botsford. “It literally means, ‘Here’s my recipe. Follow it exactly. Do what I say and you’ll succeed.'”

Lessard said he dived into the course material and skipped to what Botsford calls “secret sauces.” This section covers the language and tools you need to get positive results from your prospects or clients. Because she had big prospects. A meeting is coming up. She parroted Botsford back during the meeting, and she said it worked. “I sold a $2,500 financial plan, but at the same time they said they wanted to transfer all of our assets to you as well.”

As CEO of The Advisor Authority, Botsford established the program’s Elite Advisor Success System and owned and operated Botsford Financial Group, an LPL affiliate located in Frisco, Texas, and an LPL affiliate based in Atlanta. In his 2018 Merit Financial Group, he was rated “very healthy multiples.” The deal created Super OSJ with his $2.6 billion total client assets.

Botsford making many appearances Barons She has authored the Top 100 Women Financial Advisors and Top 100 Independent Financial Advisor lists and is a frequent speaker at many industry events, including the Invest In Women conference sponsored by Financial Advisors. In her second book, Seven Figure Firm, she explains how she built a company with seven-figure earnings and her nine-figure assets under management.

The idea to create an online course based on questions she asked her advisors came to her in 2015 after she had “essentially quit her job” at the company. In all my years of attending, I have never seen a coach as a financial advisor and the sessions tailored to her business. In building the Elite Advisor program, she wants it to be prescriptive in nature, saying, “Advisors copy every word I say to all my prospects and ask them to say yes.” “You can tell me,” she said. You can understand it without making the mistake of

Launched in 2019, the five-module online training course consists of one subject area each month, plus a monthly live Q&A call with Botsford and her team. In addition to the “secret sauce” where you’ll learn how to get leads, this course will teach you how to master the mindset to get to the next level, how to attract clients in less time and for less money, how to keep your staff Focus on how you train. Learn how to streamline your business, adopt and implement the best compensation models, and create your dream team.

The program costs $10,000, with $195 per month for those who continue after six months. Botsford said most people continue. Broker-dealers also help with employee expenses.

Botsford said she wants her advisers to know what she’s done too, which is to create a multi-billion dollar self-managed company. I didn’t know, but it’s like the old Roger Bannister story, he was the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, and when he did it, other people thought it was I thought I could do it, so they did it,” she said. “So that’s what I try to offer my students,” she said.

And based on numerous testimonials from nearly 1,000 advisors who have experienced the program, it works.

Lessard is looking to hire an assistant because of his rapid growth. She said she is on track to double her earnings this year and that her goal is to keep her on track for the next three to five years. She recently had a $20 million customer four months after her program started.

Don Morgan, a financial consultant and LPL affiliate at Independent Wealth Connection in Spokane Valley, Washington, said: He said the program is particularly effective because it is integrated with his LPL’s structure. Morgan has been in the industry since 1995, prior to which he spent 17 years in private finance. The company has been with the LPL for five years.

Morgan enrolled in the program seven months ago, along with a cohort of 50 others from the LPL. “First of all, she was able to cut my normal first meeting lead-in period from her 15 minutes to her three minutes, and I had a lot more impact,” he said. talked about Ford.

He and his peers have experienced “amazing growth” since enrolling in the course, Morgan said. His growth last year was “in terms of revenue growth, he was over 50% in a bad year. A lot of that happened at the end of the year when Erin’s training started,” he said. I was. Additionally, he said his company is getting clients for new plans in the 8 and 9 figures instead of the 6 and 7 figures due to changes in the business development structure in the first quarter. “And that’s because of the training and the confidence it gives you.”

Former professional football player Corey Proctor has also had success with the program. Mr. Proctor opened his Capital Wealth Management professional in Southlake, Texas in 2019 and enrolled in the course after learning about it from a wholesaler about two years ago. “I wasn’t going to recreate the wheel,” said Proctor, who played a total of six years in the NFL for his Cowboys in Dallas and his Dolphins in Miami before an injury ended his career in 2010.

Botsford influenced his conversations, he said, changing his thought process to talk about the value of what his clients wanted. Proctor said his business grew 57% in the first year of the program, with total revenue last year said it was slightly above 80%.

He recalled his first conversation with Botsford, “feeling naked”. “She said, ‘Tell me about your process…how do you onboard new clients and prospects?'” What?” he said.

She then asked me how I had been getting clients. When Proctor told her that people trusted him, she replied, “Oh, that’s it.” No, but I’m not going to trust you with a million bucks.

In that moment, Proctor said Botsford reminded him of his old coach. “She’s like the female version of Bill Parcells. She cares, but she’s holding you accountable,” said Proctor. She’s been amazing to me.” At the end of the meeting, Procter said she had a clear definition of her system and processes on paper that she could explain in front of clients.

Botsford said it took her 15 years to figure things out. That breakthrough came in 2000 after meeting Paul, who was attending a business training program she attended. also worked in financial services, shared that his business had grown from $300,000 to $3 million in three years, and said he no longer sees clients because he built a team around him. rice field. So he basically went out and set prospects for the team.

“It was like the ALS Bucket Challenge moment,” Botsford said, noting that she approached him at the end of the match and asked, “Can I buy you a few hours of his time?”

He invited her to visit with him and his team for a day at his company in Atlanta. She spent the day at the company. “And I never saw or spoke to him again. It changed my whole business,” said Botsford, who three years later had her $3 million It hit a milestone and her business has picked up steam ever since.

“I thought I was too small. I didn’t really think about what my ideal client would look like,” Botsford said. Now, she teaches her students to “determine exactly what an ideal client would look like and write it down, because then we can clear up the confusion.”

On top of that, charging a financial planning fee and setting a minimum account size are probably the most impactful lessons for Botsford because of the immediate results, advisers say.

“For the first time in my career, someone can come to my office and say that we are not the right fit for you because you cannot pay the $3,000 fee or have less than $2 million in liquidity. You can say it,” Morgan said.

And for clients who didn’t have a lot of money—”basically anyone who could cloud the mirror”—Proctor set a minimum investable asset requirement of $1 million. He also added a $2,500 planning fee. Last year he got one of his biggest clients, the Cowboys player, who introduced another, Proctor said. He also has several other current and former football players as clients, he noted.

“This program has given me the will to increase the number of people I can speak to,” he said. “So now I don’t turn on my computer unless I pay the planning fee,” he said. “My time is precious and I’m not going to do it unless I get paid for what I do.”

Another of Botsford’s passions is the Ebenezer Foundation in Livingstone, Zambia. This is an orphanage with her 500 children that she and her husband her Bob have supported over the years. Half of the proceeds from the training program go directly to helping, raising and educating poor and orphaned children.

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