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Crystal Capital Partners chooses SS&C For back office alternative investment products

SS&C Technologies Holdings Co., Ltd. announced Crystal Capital PartnersSS&C, a turnkey alternative investment platform for financial advisors, improvement the back office investment process For financial advisors.

Integration with SS&C streamlines the advice investment process.ers and its clients eliminate many of the cumbersome operational processes associated with alternative investments (e.g. subscriptions, rebalancing, liquidity schedules, among others), michael hoyerCrystal Capital Partnerssaid the CEO in a statement.

We are pleased to support Crystal Capital Partners’ efforts to make alternative investments more efficient. Karen Geiger, cah,ggeneral metersAnagar and SS&C Adventsaid in a statement..

Bridge FT to power Yayati applicationinclude tax saving investment tools

Bridge FT and Yayati partnered with offer wealth manger technology Integrated infrastructure and a more personalized investment experience Application programming interface.

Yayati fill an important gap in Wealth Tech Improve the environment by offering a wide range of tax-friendly investment options, Joe stenslant, Bridge FTof The CEO said in a statement:.

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Yayati is an investment technology company that provides personalization infrastructure for advisors and and an asset management company. Bridge FT An API-first wealth infrastructure software company.

through partnerships, Bridge FT power of will Yayati’s application For registered investment advisors and broker-dealersand asset managers WHO sign on with Bridge FT again Yayati.user Gain access to pre-integrated, trade-ready, multi-store data. Yayati’s tax intelligence platformtax transitions, loss recovery, rebalancing, tax withdrawals and tax locations.

Bridge FT Paving the way for wealth management firms to build differentiated technology stacks and unique customer experiences. Rajeev Sharan, funder and hbeginning of pproducts in Yayatisaid in a statement..

Nassau Financial Group early retirement Income options andlife yield

Nassau Financial Group announced a collaboration withlife yieldto expand the product of retirement income strategy. collaboration is syes To assist our independent advisors create Retirement income protection through education, new retireesMento technology and pensions.

Nassau Consolidate life yield Application of “Income-Based Social Security Plus” A toolbox for use by independent producers. The Application model Social security benefits in different scenariosand pProducers can then assist clients by demonstrating potential options for converting assets into a reliable source of income to supplement Social Security benefits.according to the company.

“Collaboration with Nassau” life yield Shows our long-term focus offer We provide cutting-edge digital capabilities to help insurers develop a strong retirement strategy for each customer. “ Tom BuckinghamChief Growth Officer, Nassausaid in a statement..

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