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For many advisors, Larry Swedroe needs no introduction. He is the author of numerous investment books and a frequent columnist for advisory publications. Wealth Management.comand head of financial and economic research for Buckingham Strategic Wealth, one of the nation’s largest RIAs.

He is also active on social media, where he discusses the benefits of different compensation models for financial advisors, the dire prospects of most active equity managers, the latest academic research on investment management and how the market is building better portfolios. Tell your advisor about

In this edition of the Advisor Innovations Podcast, Swedroe shares his perspective on work, why it’s getting harder and harder for active managers to generate alpha in public markets, and where to find income in increasingly accessible private markets. Describes what they believe is an opportunity.

Swedroe explains:

  • Why are retail investors and active equity managers proliferating despite mounting evidence of subpar long-term returns?
  • Investors say little about the manager’s long-term prospects based on its three-year track record.
  • Why ‘stupid indexes’ don’t solve investors’ problems, why ‘smart beta’ is an oxymoron, and how ‘intelligently designed’ portfolios can help investors.
  • According to some research, stock turnover and management fees are two variables that determine active manager results.
  • For investors, easier access to private markets, including interval funds, is a good option for some investors.
  • where he currently makes some of his investments.

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About our guests:

Larry Swedroe is Principal and Research Director of Buckingham Asset Management and BAM Advisor Services. Previously, he was Vice Chairman of Prudential Home Mortgage, the second largest mortgage company in the United States. He has held senior vice president and regional financial officer positions at Citicorp, where he was responsible for treasury, foreign exchange and investment banking operations, including risk management strategy. Larry earned his MBA in Finance and Investing from NYU and a BA in Finance from Baruch College. He is the author of 17 books.

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