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Soulslike games are a subgenre of action RPGs, known for their dark and fantastical worlds, high levels of combat difficulty, rich storytelling and deep lore. His real Soulsborne games by FromSoftware are usually quite long for gamers to try and beat, but there are some shorter games similar to these.

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As the Soulslike subgenre has grown in popularity over the past decade, more studios are looking to find their own niche within the style. Often this means creating a game that can be compared to Soulsborne games without achieving the level of gameplay depth or length that Soulsborne games typically reach.

7 Salt & Sanctuary

salt and sacrifice poster

Salt & Sanctuary is a 2D action RPG heavily inspired by the world of: dark soul. Despite being 2D, the game uses a lot of the worldbuilding that FromSoftware developed for their games. There are also Metroidvania elements fused with the style of Soulsborne, creating something unique and beloved for its graphics, his style and gameplay.

Salt & Sanctuary is a relatively short game compared to the FromSoftware game that inspired it. If you just focus on the main story, most gamers will be able to play the game in about 16 hours. This isn’t quite the he-sit-it-all type of game yet, but it’s far more beatable than the Soulsborne series.

6 lord of the fallen

Key art of a man looking at the camera from Lords of the Fallen

the fallen lords This is another game that takes heavily on the style of the Soulsborne series. Set in a dark world, the player character is a newly released criminal tasked with stopping the invasion of dark forces sent by the once tyrannical god Adil.

The game received mixed reviews from critics and fans, but one of the main complaints was how heavily it had to rely on borrowings from the Soulsborne games. Luckily for fans of these games, it’s still a fun adventure and takes him maybe 15 hours to complete. A sequel with the same name will be released soon.

Five Remnant: From the Ash

Remnant: From the Ash Promotional Game Images

A sequel is in preparation, Remnant: From the Ash Another successful game that could successfully build on the success of Soulsborne. Many of the mechanics are taken from those games, but the combat has been modified somewhat from the Soulsborne games, and third-person shooter elements have also been added to provide additional ways to deal with difficult enemies.

Set on a dark, post-apocalyptic Earth, players attempt to rid the Earth of a dimension-shifting evil called ‘The Root’. This adventure, acclaimed by fans and critics alike, should take players about 13 hours to finish if they’re focused on the main story.

Four profane

profane posters

profane is a very famous Soulslike game with a sequel in development.in the meantime profane Blending the style of Metroidvania with the style of Soulslike games, there’s no denying the influence that FromSoftware’s games have had on this world. The art, worldbuilding, lore, and even the name of the player character “The Penitent One” all speak to the influences of this work. dark soul.

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profane It follows the repentant as he travels through a dark world inspired by the religious culture of Roman Catholicism and Spain. Even in a 2D Metroidvania style, the combat was difficult and players found it took them around 13 hours to complete this adventure. However, some DLC is also on offer for players who want to squeeze more time out of the Cvstodia world.

3 Mortal Shell

Edelim class in Mortal Shell

Little-known soul-like genre works, Mortal Shell is an action RPG in which the player can assume the role of one of several “shells”, each with a different play style. Despite being considerably shorter than many Soulslike games, Mortal Shell It gives players the look and feel they love from their FromSoftware adventures.

Mortal Shell typically only takes players about 10 hours to complete. Players will possess a lost warrior and face brutal enemies of incredible design along the way through a shattered world filled with the kind of lore that Soulsborn players love to explore can.

2 blindness

Xbox game pass without sight

Some even called it the best indie game of 2021. blindness An adventure across the ruined world of Arcadia is offered, in which players take control of Alma and her friends before their life force disappears. Players must make interesting choices in this relatively short adventure that make the story feel as important and emotionally important as From Software’s other games.

blindness It takes only about 8 hours to complete, and the developers have also added an explorer mode to make it easier for players who want to complete the game and explore the game without too much intervention. The art style doesn’t give the impression of the world of Dark Souls, but fans of these games will definitely love this one.

1 Titan Souls

Titan Souls cover

It was frankly a strange game, and one of the early examples of soul-like games. Titan Souls is a 2D top-down action game in which the player and all bosses they face die once hit. Of course, anything can be attacked by the player, but the boss only has one specific location where he can attack, which makes the difficulty even worse.

Still, the game doesn’t have a lot of exploration or lore, and most players can manage to finish this strange masterpiece in a Soullike world in about 3-4 hours. Titan Souls It may be one of the stranger games inspired by the Soulsborne series, but it also has the distinction of being one of the very short ones.

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