7 hours with no crew on board and no contact.Missing Titanic wreck submarine faces race against time

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A submarine carrying tourists to see the sunken Titanic in the Atlantic went missing Monday morning, June 19, off the Canadian island of Newfoundland.

U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Lourdes Putnam said: new york times They were searching for a submarine in the North Atlantic.

Owned by Oceangate Expeditions, this submersible takes tourists on paid tours of the Titanic wreck, among other deep-sea expeditions.

It’s unclear how many people were on board the submersible, which can carry up to five people, but Oceangate told CBS News it had a crew on board.

“We are totally focused on the submarine crew and their families,” Oceangate told CBS News. It did not include whether there were paying passengers on board or the exact location where they went missing.

Search and rescue operations are underway to locate and locate those on board the submarine and vessel.

Here’s everything we know about the missing submarine so far.

what happened?

On Monday morning (June 19), reports emerged that a civilian submersible had gone missing in the North Atlantic near the wreck of the Titanic.

A submarine is a vessel designed to operate underwater and may differ from a submarine.

Petty Officer Lourdes Putnam of the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston said. new york times They were looking for a personal watercraft owned by Oceangate Expeditions.

Ocean Gate deploys submersibles and crews for deep sea exploration. The company is offering individuals the opportunity to explore the Titanic wreck on a five-person submersible for $250,000.

The company recently announced that it had dispatched a team to investigate the sinking of the Titanic. twitter page.

However, the submarine appears to have lost connection at some point during the voyage, raising concerns.

according to sky newsas of Monday morning, no sound has been heard from the sub for over seven hours.

The US Coast Guard launched search and rescue operations on Monday, June 19.

“We are committed to our submarine crew and their families,” Oceangate told CBS News.

They added, “We are deeply grateful for the extensive support we have received from several government agencies and deepwater companies in our efforts to establish contact with submarines.”

Independent has reached out to Oceangate Expeditions and the U.S. Coast Guard for comment.

where did it disappear?

As of Monday morning, it’s unclear exactly where the submarine lost contact, but it was somewhere around the Titanic wreck that the submarine was searching for.

The Titanic wreck is located about 12,500 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

It is approximately 380 nautical miles south of Newfoundland, Canada and 1,240 nautical miles east of New York City.

The coordinates are 41 degrees 43 minutes 32 seconds north latitude and 49 degrees 56 minutes 49 seconds west longitude.

who was on board?

Oceangate has not confirmed how many people have been on board, but its website says its submersibles can accommodate up to five people.

The company offers shipwreck tours and other deep sea voyages for paying customers. Those who want to see the Titanic wreck can pay up to $250,000, according to the group’s website.

In recent years, trips to see the wreck of the Titanic have grown in popularity.

The Titanic sank in 1912 after hitting an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, New York. Over 1,500 of her 2,200 passengers and crew died.

The United States passed the Titanic Maritime Memorial Act in 1986, marking the RMS Titanic as an international marine monument, allowing for rational research, exploration, and appropriate salvage activities.

People can view and study the Titanic as long as the research or exploration does not alter or interfere with the Titanic.

The company’s statement to CBS only included references to the crew. It did not say whether the submarine had paying passengers.

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