5 Best Roguelite Games to Play on Mobile

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Roguelite games are challenging due to procedurally generated levels and persistent game mechanics. Although it shares some features with traditional roguelike games, it differs in some ways. Unlike roguelike games, some permanent upgrades can be retained after a character dies, but each death must start from the beginning of the level.

Roguelite games have endless replayability as levels are randomly generated and have different layouts each run. This subgenre also includes elements from other genres such as RPG, FPS, Action, Strategy, and Adventure. The term roguelite was first used in 2013 by the game developers for Rogue Legacy.

Since then, the subgenre has seen many releases, many of which are now available on mobile devices. With that said, in this article we’ll take a look at some of the best roguelite games to play on mobile.

Dead Cells and 4 other roguelite games for mobile

1) dead cells

Dead Cells is one of the most successful roguelites on PC, published by Playdigious for mobile devices. The main character is a failed alchemy experiment with only a head that possesses corpses to slash enemies and defeat bosses. Roguelite games feature weapons such as swords, bows, and traps that can be upgraded using scrolls. Additionally, characters cast spells and use shields against enemies in this 2D action game.

Developed by Motion Twin, the game starts from scratch, generating a new level each time a character dies. Because of this, Dead Cells has endless replayability, offering a new experience every time.

After death, characters lose all collected items, but can retain some permanent upgrades. The game has great pixel graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, easy controls, and is available on the Play Store and Apple Store.

2) Gunfire Reborn

Gunfire Reborn is an FPS roguelite mobile game developed by Duoyi Studio. Players can enjoy this online title in single player mode or connect with up to 4 players in multiplayer mode. Level-based adventure mobile games have a variety of characters to play in randomly generated levels.

Some can be unlocked by reaching certain levels, while others require in-game purchases. Gunfire Reborn offers a wide variety of weapons, from pistols to rocket launchers to wearable weapons called injectors.

Characters are upgradeable along with their skills, abilities and weapons to become more powerful in battle.Gunfire Reborn’s beautiful low-poly art style offers a unique FPS gaming experience. Developers are constantly updating the game with new weapons, characters and items available. This premium roguelite game is available for purchase on the Play Store and App Store.

3) to bleach

Into the Breach, developed by Subset Games, is a turn-based strategy roguelite. The main goal is to protect the endangered human civilization from alien invaders breeding beneath the earth, collectively his Vek.

The player controls a weapon-equipped mech and is controlled by a pilot defending the building that powers the mech. They must analyze his Vek attacks and develop strategies to counter them in this futuristic combat game.

However, if Vek kills the player, they are sent to another timeline via a time portal and the battle resumes. Ultimate mechs can be obtained by adding powerful weapons and unique pilots found while fighting aliens on various islands. The roguelite title is only available to Netflix members to play on his Android and his iOS.

4) knock down the spire

Players climb The Spire by defeating numerous enemies, progressing through each level to defeat Slay the Spire’s ultimate boss. Levels in this unique deck-building card game are randomly generated, making each run a unique experience.

Players can initially choose between three characters, each with their own attacks, skills, and power cards. Each card has a purpose to attack, defend, or extend its effect until the end of the battle.

Slay the Spire contains hundreds of cards and relics that enhance your power. These in-game items can be obtained by defeating bosses, opening treasure chests, purchasing them, or as event rewards. Published by Humble Bundle for mobile devices, Slay the Spire is developed by Mega Crit. Roguelite games are available for purchase from the Play Store and Apple Store.

5) Crying Suns

Crying Suns is a Roguelite developed by Alt Shift and published by Humble Bundle for mobile devices. A space exploration game inspired by Dune, Foundation and Battlestar Galactica. Gamers play as Ellys Idaho, a space admiral looking for answers behind the destruction of his interstellar empire.

The game has a dramatic story divided into 6 chapters with over 300 possible story events. Players battle other battleships and squadron fleets in procedurally generated sectors and star systems.

This sci-fi roguelite title reveals the truth about the Fallen Empire and Idaho as players complete each level. Additionally, defeating the final boss of each level unlocks a new battleship. Players can use scrap to upgrade their ships and purchase useful in-game items. Roguelite games are available for purchase on the Play Store and App Store.

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