180 Wealth Advisors LLC increases its holding in Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. amid growing confidence in its future prospects

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In a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing, 180 Wealth Advisors LLC disclosed that it had significantly increased its stake in Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc. Specifically, the company acquired an additional 2,526 of his shares in KNX in the fourth quarter of 2022, bringing the total holdings to his 10,432 shares. At the time of filing, these shares were valued at $602,000.

For those unfamiliar with Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc., the company is a leading provider of trucking and logistics services. Its business segments include trucking, logistics, and intermodal. The trucking segment includes various operations such as irregular route and dedicated shipments, refrigerated transportation, expedited shipments, flatbed haulage, and cross-border deliveries.

As of April 19, 2023, NYSE:KNX opened at $55.96 per share and had a market capitalization of US$9.01 billion, according to market data. In addition, KNX’s stock has experienced significant volatility over the past year, with a P/E ratio of 11.83 and a P/E/G ratio of 0.95 during the same period of sustained growth. A number that an investor would find exhaustive.

From this latest Form 13F filing, it is clear that 180 Wealth Advisors LLC sees great potential in Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.’s future prospects. The fact that they have increased his stake in this company by more than 30% speaks to their confidence in his KNX ability to continue to deliver value to shareholders.

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Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings is endorsed by top hedge funds and analysts

Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KNX) recently made headlines for its impressive performance, prompting several hedge funds to buy and sell shares in the business. Investors such as Vanguard Group Inc., Wellington Management Group LLP, State Street Corp, Dimensional Fund Advisors LP and Massachusetts Financial Services Co. MA have expressed confidence in the transportation company’s stock.

Vanguard Group increased its stake by 0.6% in the first quarter and added 84,898 shares during the period, resulting in 13,894,447 shares now worth $71114,000. Wellington Management Group increased its Knight-Swift Transportation holdings by 13.4%, and State Street Corp increased its position by 2.7%. Dimensional Fund Advisors LP increased its Knight-Swift Transportation holdings by nearly 4% after purchasing an additional 149,359 shares of him over the same period, owning 3,961,693 of his shares worth $193,854,000.

Knight-Swift Transportation is currently approved by institutional investors, but securities analysts also added positive comments about the company’s performance. On April 19, it was reported that TD Cowen repeated his “outperform” rating for Nightswift, and he raised his price target from $67 to $70 per share. KeyCorp has increased its price target on the stock from $60 to $67. Raymond James gave it an “excellent” rating and the price target he set at $63. JPMorgan Chase & Co. downgraded its rating from underweight to overweight, but lowered its stock price target after market volatility earlier this year exacerbated the decline.

Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings operates through various business segments such as trucking logistics intermodal routes for domestic and cross-border operations, including refrigerated services, flatbeds and a variety of other specialized expedited services. We provide trucking and logistics services. The company released his quarterly earnings data on Thursday, January 26th. In doing so, he reported a lower-than-expected EPS of $1.00 instead of an estimated $1.13. Nonetheless, earnings projections came in at $1.74 billion, compared to his $1.8 billion estimate expected.

The company recently increased its dividend payout from its previous quarterly rate of $0.12 per share to $0.14 per share on March 27, announcing an annual dividend of $0.56 per share yielding 1%. Knight Swift Transportation has shown good performance despite years of industry-wide challenges, with analysts reporting earnings per share (EPS) growth this year alone, based on current data reports is expected to increase by approximately 3.91%.

In conclusion, although external economic and social factors create some degree of uncertainty for investors regarding Knight-Swift Transportation’s financial health, there is strong support from top hedge funds and reputable equity analysts. Support gives confidence in its resilience to market forces. In both sectors as well, within a highly competitive industry, innovations fit the trend of efficiency optimization and are universally embraced by all its major players.

Disclaimer: This article represents opinions and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions expressed by investors or investment professionals who currently hold or have held positions in Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings. are subject to change significantly due to future trends, performance, etc. .

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