15 Inclusive Retirement Communities in Mexico


This article presents 15 inclusive retirement communities in Mexico. If you want to skip the in-depth analysis on senior housing and retirees in Mexico, visit: Five Mexico’s inclusive retirement community.

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According to the National Elderly Housing and Care Investment Center (NIC), 36% of senior housing has suffered losses due to the impact of COVID-19. This statistic was even deadlier for nursing homes, reaching nearly 61%. Forbes magazine noted that real estate investment trusts (REITs) and institutional investors with large portfolios of such properties were most affected.

Three prominent REITs in this sector are Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (NYSE:OHI), LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE:LTC) and National Health Investors, Inc. (NYSE:NHI). increase.

As of 2023, the senior living and care industry remains very vulnerable but is on the road to recovery, said the CEO of Omega Healthcare Investors (NYSE:OHI). His NIC MAP Market Fundamentals Data Report for Q4 2022 reveals occupancy rates for all three senior living care segments. Independent living, assisted living, and memory care were reported to increase during this period.

Senior housing occupancy increased from 82.1% in Q3 to 83% in Q4. The largest quarterly increase in occupancy came from Assisted Living, which increased to 80.7% from 73.9% in Q2 2021. “More seniors than ever before are now living in senior housing, which speaks to the enormous need for senior housing and care services,” said NIC Chief Operating Officer. Chuck Harry reported, further pointing out:

“Demand from seniors seeking senior housing and care is increasing, and the industry continues to meet that need.”

This is good news for investors. Stocks to consider include Omega Healthcare Investors (NYSE:OHI), LTC Properties (NYSE:LTC) and National Health Investors (NYSE:NHI). One of those REITs, LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE: LTC), has launched his $128 million investment in 12 assisted living communities to meet growing demand. Meanwhile, National Health Investors, Inc. (NYSE: NHI) invested his $101.5 million across its portfolio in 2022 and announced further investments next year.

Overall, demand for senior housing is finally improving. The aging trend of baby boomers will continue to accelerate demand and drive the trend towards independent living, assisted living and memory care options.

Mexican retirees

With the baby boomer population growing, potential retirees are increasingly looking for the perfect retirement destination. Many people are flocking south to explore some places. best retirement place such as Texas and Florida. But many others are exploring options in Central America and the Caribbean. These places are popular retirement destinations for many considering their affordable cost of living, ideal climate, and stunning natural scenery.

Another top retirement destination for retirees looking to retire is Mexico. Some of the best places to retire in Mexico include Playa del Carmen, Merida, San Miguel de Allende, Puerto he Vallarta. Retiring in Mexico has many pros and cons . First, expatriates from high-income countries such as the US and UK believe that their retirement income is sufficient to lead a relatively luxurious life. Private health care is affordable and world-class, but public health care is universal. Diverse and stunning natural landscapes add to the benefits of staying in this state, and the rich Mexican culture adds to the list of benefits.

if in doubt Why not retire in Mexico, which may involve several factors. First, language barriers can complicate some aspects of life. Locals speak Spanish, and ethnic minorities speak 60 other languages. Even if you speak Spanish, understanding Spanish expressions and slang can take some time. Other than that, the pace of life is very slow and the Spaniard’s concept of time may be a little different than yours. Remember patience is the key.

Questions like “” may also come to mind.Can you retire in Mexico on $1,500 a month? “ The answer is that it certainly can. A single person living in Mexico can afford to live on $1,500, but for a couple he needs at least $2,298. Retirees can also live in senior housing options.We have a lot Mexico’s American Retirement CommunitiesPuerto Vallarta, Lake Chapala, San Miguel de Allende, Northern Baja, to name a few.

For those seeking high life in the golden age, Mexico’s Prestigious Retirement Communities Places like Las Villas de Mexico and Club Marena offer luxurious villas and spacious condominiums with plenty of amenities.

However, there are a few things before we move on. Income requirements for retirement in Mexico things to consider. For those applying for temporary residency, their monthly income must be between $2,700 and $3,300, or they must have at least $43,000 and a maximum of $53,000 in their savings/retirement account in the last 12 months.

If you fit the above criteria and decide to retire in Mexico, there are a few things to check. Inclusive Retirement Communities in Mexico It makes you feel at home.

15 Inclusive Retirement Communities in Mexico

15 Inclusive Retirement Communities in Mexico

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To create a comprehensive list of retirement communities in Mexico, we used several sources, including Senior Living Foresight, A Place for Mom, and Chapala Lake Retirement. We also checked online reviews and forums to find out the average monthly cost of these facilities. For communities without information on monthly costs, averages were estimated based on facility size and number of amenities provided, taking into account the average independent and assisted living costs in Mexico. Locations were ranked in ascending order from lowest to highest estimated average cost of living (independent/basic).

here it is Mexico’s Inclusive Retirement Community:

15. CasaMar Senior Living Community – Rosarito

Average monthly cost: $2,650

A luxury oceanfront living community, CasaMar Senior Living Mexico’s Top Retirement Communities. Minutes away from Rosarito Beach, local residents enjoy panoramic ocean views. Luxurious accommodations, resort-style dining and 24-hour service are the hallmarks here. Top-notch amenities include personal physician, daily on-site dining, daily housekeeping and laundry, Wi-Fi, cinema, salon and spa, wellness center, and other nursing services.

14. Serena Senior Care – Baja, California

Average monthly cost: $2,500

Located in Baja, California, Serena Senior Care is a great option for retirees moving to Mexico. Many elderly people choose this facility because they can receive world-class nursing care services at half the price. A major highlight of the Serena Senior Care Facility is its high nurse-to-resident ratio and high levels of caregiver education per shift. The quality of food, drinks, and laundry services is also on par with the US.

13. Le Grand Senior Living – Naucalpan de Juarez

Average monthly cost: $2,500

Le Grand Senior Living in Naucalpan de Juárez is a retirement community that offers independent and assisted living options. It is a facility that boasts a “resort-style” lifestyle where a specialized medical group resides. Amenities included in the monthly fee include first contact medical care, 24-hour nursing service, medical intake monitoring, breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service, and a variety of activities to keep residents busy. The average cost of living at the facility is $2,500.

12. Teal Lake & Cottages – Teal Lake

Average Monthly Cost (Independent Living): $2,345

Average monthly cost (living assistance): $4,950

Teal Lake & Cottages at Teal Lake is a community offered by Americale Properties, a Nashville-based real estate company. Senior living communities offer independent living and assisted living options with average costs of $2,345 and $4,950, respectively. Rates include medical services, meals, other activities and room amenities, all inclusive.

11. Mi Casita – Azijic

Average monthly cost: $2,200

Another famous retirement facility on the shores of Lake Chapala is Mi Casita. Caring and quality caregivers provide services such as feeding, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, customized meals and medical records. Resident care and professional advice are also provided through birthday celebrations, movies, music and other activities.

10. Cielito Lindo Senior Living – San Miguel

Average monthly cost (independent living): $2,000

Average monthly cost (supported living): $5,000

Located in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Cielito Lindo Senior Living offers residents independent living and assisted living services. Retirees can customize their preferred lifestyle based on their individual needs and preferences. From recreational activities to nursing assistance, meal services, household chores and laundry, retirees choose the range of services they want and pay monthly. This beautiful community is surrounded by lakes, natural beauty and an ideal climate.

9. The Moon Retirement – Azijic

Average monthly cost: $1,850

This luxury retirement facility in Azijic, Mexico is another all-inclusive retirement community in Mexico. Long-term rental housing is available for retirees over the age of 50. This community features all-inclusive hotel-style living with breakfast and dinner, laundry, weekly housekeeping, and most utilities included. Studios average $1,100, while casitas and villas cost $1,600 and him $2,600 respectively. The facility also has a gym, heated pool, and off-street parking.

8. La Puevrita Assisted Living – Azigic

Average monthly cost: $1,800

Located on the shores of Lake Chapala, La Puevrita Assist Living is Mexico’s favorite retirement community. The property boasts a stunning natural backdrop of lush mountains and tranquil blue waters, making it ideal for retirees seeking a quiet retirement life. As of 2021, La Puebrita requires his one-time admission fee of $10,000, but monthly payments average about $1,800. Independent living, assisted living, and memory care options are available for residents who choose to live here.

7. Happiness Care Residence for Senior Citizens – San Antonio Tlajacapan

Average monthly cost: $1,500

Elderly housing with happiness care best senior living center Located in Azijic and San Antonio. Happiness Residents live happily (just kidding!) with personalized attention and a wide range of activities tailored to their needs. They offer a wide range of services, including health services and management, nutritious meals with flexible timing, and a variety of social and physical activities. Facilities include security, Wi-Fi and TV.

6. Grupo Barresol- Colonia El Pueblito

Average monthly cost: $1,500

Located in an upmarket neighborhood called Colonia El Pueblito, Barresol is a retiree’s haven. Luxury hotels, restaurants, hospitals and shopping centers are located here. Grupo Ballesol is an assisted living community within Balesol, offering 119 suites in a modern facility. A highlight of this private nursing home is its well-equipped day center where you can read, sing, dance and draw. There is a gym, pool, gardens, beauty salon, coffee shop, private kitchen and delicious meals. The average cost of living here is $1,500, but the price increases with the level of care needed.

Click through to read on and find out: Five inclusive retirement communities in Mexico.

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