$120M Advisor Trio Strengthens Entrepreneurship and Service Delivery, Joins Kestra Financial

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Mission Financial Planner was looking for a partner to drive growth through community, collaboration and consulting support

Austin, Texas, July 6, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qestra Financial, the industry’s leading independent wealth management platform, today announced the addition of Mission Financial Planners, whose financial professionals oversee $120 million in client assets .

The company’s team in San Antonio creates personalized financial plans to help clients understand how goals map from inception to execution to help them achieve their financial aspirations. specializes in Together he has over 50 years of experience and Mission Financial Planners is led by Managing Members Kenneth Hamilton, Jason Dafoe and Matt Donahue.

“We needed a partner who would support our growth initiatives through competitive marketing, business consulting and compliance resources and help us grow, while independently fostering our entrepreneurial spirit. With Kestra Financial, we found the exact balance we were looking for,” said Matt Donahue, Managing Member of Mission Financial Planners. “Now we can expand our operations and focus on helping our clients achieve their mission of financial confidence and success.”

Through this partnership, Mission Financial Planners will have access to a complete ecosystem of services, including Kestra Investment Management. Equipped with comprehensive tools, portfolio resources, and a team of experienced investment professionals, this in-house investment management platform enables firm professionals to spend more time with clients to develop unique, goal-oriented solutions. can do.

Daniel Schwamb, executive vice president of business development at Kestra Financial, said: “Bringing in Matt, Kenneth and Jason made strategic sense. Our values ​​align and geographically they are based in our backyard in San Antonio. We look forward to strengthening their business and giving them more freedom to serve their customers.”

About Kestra Financial

Kestra Financial, a division of Kestra Holdings, which includes Kestra-branded broker-dealers and investment advisors, enables sophisticated independent financial professionals, including traditional and hybrid RIAs, to thrive, grow and serve superior clients We provide the leading independent wealth management platform that enables you to: service. With a culture rich in innovation, Kestra Financial has developed integrated business management technology, combined with personalized consulting services, to achieve extraordinary scale and efficiency.

Headquartered in “Silicon Hills”, Austin, Texas, Kestra Financial offers an experience as unique as the city in which it operates. The firm supports over 1,800 independent financial professionals and provides clients with comprehensive securities and investment advisory services.

Kestra Financial Division includes FINRA/SIPC members Kestra Private Wealth Services, LLC (Kestra PWS), Kestra Advisory Services, LLC (Kestra AS) and Kestra Investment Services, LLC (Kestra IS). Securities offered through registered representatives of Kestra IS. Investment advisory services provided through properly licensed representatives of Kestra AS or Kestra PWS. Except for the referenced Kestra companies, Kestra IS, Kestra AS, or Kestra PWS are not affiliated with any other entity referenced herein.

For more information on Kestra Financial, please visit www.kestrafinancial.com.

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