10 of 14 victims had empty stomachs, autopsy report Navi Mumbai News

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Navi Mumbai: Doctors who performed autopsies on the Kagarh victims concluded that 10 out of 14 were hungry and had less than 20% body water. At such a water level there was a circulation disturbance. Twelve postmortems were performed at the subdistrict hospital in Panvel and one at the following hospital. NMMC A hospital in Vasi and another hospital elsewhere.
According to the data, 10 of the victims were hungry, but 2 had half-digested food in their stomachs. Two had a factor of comorbidities. Doctors found their bodies dry and pale (discolored). His medical director, Panvel SDH, Dr. Madhukar Panchal said: A follow-up report was submitted to the appropriate authorities. Forensic Expert, Ph.D. Babaso Karel “Prolonged food and water deprivation in the sun (high temperatures) causes dehydration and circulatory failure in the body. This also leads to an electrolyte imbalance of sodium and potassium.” NMMC Medical Officer Health Dr. Pramod Patil said: sunstroke In some cases, the body becomes dehydrated, causing kidney failure. NMMC sources noted that as one patient, swati vaidiaif she died two days after treatment, post-mortem did not reveal whether she had been fasting for six to seven hours. Probably,’ said the source.

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