10 high-paying cities with the highest advisor salaries

Financial Advisors

According to a new report from SmartAsset, the financial advisor profession has a bright future.

The report cites Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the sector will grow by 15 percent between 2021 and 2031, three times the average growth rate for all occupations.

According to SmartAsset, the median income for financial advisors was about $95,390 in 2022, but wages vary by city. To see where the financial advisor earns the most, and how they are paid after accounting for taxes and local living costs, SmartAsset looked at data from his 126 cities. compared.

The researchers collected wages and occupations data for 2022 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and cost of living data for the third quarter of 2022 from the Community Economic Research Council. They used the SmartAsset payroll tool to determine income at the local median. Personal Financial Advisor Wages. And to see how far that money would last, they applied the cost of living to after-tax income.

Of the 30 cities with the highest advisor salaries, according to SmartAsset, here are the 10 highest after adjusting for taxes and cost of living.

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