10 Best Games Like Honkai Star Rails, Ranked

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“Honkai Star Rail” has many universal elements that are not bound by one game genre. Many games offer the same level of fun and accomplishment, as evidenced by the parent company using the same bones for games like Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact uses much faster-paced combat while retaining all the elements that Honkai Star Rail fans crave and enjoy. Some use very well-known properties as cameos or as the basis for entire games.

Ten genshin impact

Genshin Impact main characters and Pimon

Starting off this list is Mihoyo’s golden child, Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact uses action role-playing genre gameplay to engage the player. It has often been called a Breath of the Wild clone, but some say it’s different enough to be rated as one of the best action role-playing games.

It was released on mobile devices, PC, and consoles, offering a lot of accessibility. While Star Rail incorporates many of his sci-fi elements, Genshin is deeply rooted in fantasy and magic and stays away from sci-fi elements.

9 tower of fantasy

Tower of Fantasy player selection

Tower of Fantasy is the game most similar to Genshin Impact on this list, and even more so than others created by the same developer. , Tower of Fantasy blends the fantasy genre with sci-fi.

This makes it more aesthetically similar to Honkai Star Rail than Genshin Impact.It retains many of the same monetization and progression elements found in both Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact.

8 collapse impact 3rd

collapse impact 3rd

Like both previous entries, this title is a free-to-play gacha game and uses an action role-playing gameplay style. The game may not be as accessible as Genshin Impact, but it bares an aesthetic that is incredibly similar to Star Rail. The reason is that Starrail is his third game in his fourth Honkai franchise.

It is a direct successor to the Starrail. The two share almost every feature except for combat gameplay elements. This makes it a clear candidate for those who love everything Star Rail but want more movement and positioning in their fights.

7 melt

Dislyte black hair and blue eyes girl

Dislyte is a real visual enjoyment, filled with many beautiful effects as well as many beautiful visuals that captivate the player. It takes many different mythologies and combines them with elements of urban fantasy to make it one of a kind.

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Drops down some entries for those who play Starrail for cute anime girls, but RPG gameplay similar to the very well-designed character models featured in Honkai Starrail Near the middle for

6 Arknights

Arknights Bunny Ear Girl

Arknights includes tower defense gameplay, which requires a lot of strategy in placing your units. The game has some very adorable, almost chibi-like sprites in combat. The art direction focuses on military-style aesthetics, but with stylish anime colors.

The game allows you to learn and understand sub-mechanics and resources. This is definitely a title worth checking out to see if it’s in your alley.

Five Fate: Grand Order

Fate_Grand Order Person List

Fate: Grand Order’s gameplay is very intuitive, and very few games actually make use of the mobile interface. This is worth trying. Even players new to the game may find the control experience truly captivating.

The game has a turn-based RPG structure like Honkai Star Rail. This entry knocked down a position in the list of artworks because the pull is fairly straightforward. It’s still great art and nothing special like other games.

Four sinoalice

Screenshots of SINoALICE

The director of this game is none other than Yoko Taro, famous for being responsible for one of the greatest JRPGs ever made. They served as creative directors for both the Voice Of Cards and NieR franchises. Another notch of his on his belt is his SINoALICE.

The story may have a lot of room to spare, but the game has really great art direction for its visuals and some incredibly high-end sound design work. The gameplay and combat are on a completely different level than most free-to-play RPGs for mobile devices. It’s polished and worth playing if you’re in the mood for a good game.

3 epic seven

Epic Seven Tavern

This game is Honkai Starrail and Genshin Impact is Honkai Impact 3rd. It focuses more on fantasy than sci-fi, but the gameplay is solid and the visual effects are very engaging and nice to look at. The gacha system is pretty generous, with lots of very well-drawn images on the cards you draw.

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There are different modes to explore and enter, all served up in fantastically structured menus that take a lot of the guesswork out of claiming some rewards hidden deep within other menus.

2 seven deadly sins grand cross

The Seven Deadly Sins_Grand Cross Screenshots

Combat in this game is where it shines the most, not just by itself, but when pitted against everything else. really engages players and makes them feel more invested in the fight. The game is based on the Seven Deadly Sins franchise which boasts a wide range of powerful characters. Fans of both The Seven Deadly Sins and Honkai Star Rails should add this game to their list.

1 summoner wars

A lightning attack used in Summoner Wars.

Summoner Wars is a creature capture gacha game that many Pokemon fans are addicted to. Packed with all game modes, submenus, resource allocation management, and various other features known from gacha games, but with different looking creatures and monsters in your party to play with and progress through the game. can do. game. There is a lot of strategy and variety, from mixing and matching different units to finding the best fit for different battles.

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