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Today’s Top 4 Chicago Articles are:

  1. People in Illinois who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are now being reimbursed for money stolen by scammers. Elizabeth Fandle, who lives in nearby Berwyn, was one of the victims, having lost all of her SNAP funds in a fraudulent transaction. The Illinois Department of Human Services received 5,000 fraud reports from August 2022 through early July 2023, reflecting a nationwide rising trend in SNAP benefit theft by fraudsters. (CBS News)
  2. Loretto hospital workers have issued a 10-day strike notice, expressing concern over low wages and a shortage of workers. The strike is scheduled to begin on July 31 and will continue until an agreement is reached with hospital management. Employees calling for higher wages and more staffing are also calling for Juneteenth to be a workers’ holiday. (Chicago patch)
  3. A bill to mandate fentanyl education in Illinois high schools is awaiting Gov. JB Pritzker’s decision. Chicago high school students working on a data science project on the effects of fentanyl have found the growing dangers of fentanyl, leading them to support legislation to mandate fentanyl education in health courses beginning fall 2024. The students’ research was conducted in collaboration with the DEA Chicago Field. The department highlighted the dangers posed by the increasing purity of fentanyl and counterfeit tablets, and emphasized the importance of raising awareness among teens about the opioid overdose epidemic. (NBC Chicago)
  4. Chicago city council members have introduced an ordinance to eliminate “below minimum wage” for tip workers. The change was endorsed by Mayor Brandon Johnson. The purpose of this proposal is Full minimum wage and gradual introduction of tips Proponents believe this will benefit workers and the economy. However, the Illinois Restaurant Association states: Concern about potential financial problems for smaller neighborhood restaurants and possible dismissal. (WLS-TV)

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In Chicago today

Friday, July 21st

From my notes:

  • of The 2023 County Health Ranking and Roadmap report was recently released. Analyze population length and quality of life at the county level.shortly DuPage County Ranked #1 for Health Outcomes, Cook County #47 Out of 102 counties in the state. (Chicago Health Department)
  • Did you know that on July 20, 1968, the first Special Olympics International Games were held at Chicago’s Soldier Field? Will it be the biggest sporting event for people with intellectual disabilities? About 1,000 athletes from the United States and Canada participated in the first Special Olympics International Summer Games in Chicago. (Fox News)
  • The Chicago Architecture Center will host a virtual presentation on Chicago’s beer culture on July 26 at 12:00 PM, going back more than 100 years and exploring its rich history. This presentation delves into the history of breweries, the people who led them, and their impact on Chicago. If you are interested, please register here. (Chicago Architecture Center via Instagram)

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